Here are some Frequently Asked Questions From Our Customers

I’ll gather specific information from you so I can create a real customized meal plan I’ll create for you based on the info I compile. This way, you won’t be on a “diet”, you’ll be able to enjoy the food you like, in moderation, while staying within a certain meal plan structure. I’ll customize a workout plan for you based on your previous efforts, and what I think will work best for your body and ultimately your goals.

We will communicate via, email, chat, text or video chat (skype). We’ll have a set day and time weekly that we will get together and discuss the previous week’s workouts and meals and how to attack the upcoming week. You’ll also have weekly weigh-ins and progress pics to upload so we can properly track your progress. We will be accountable to each other.

I will make this work for you by gathering information about you, your goals and what has frustrated you in the past and what you loved doing previously. Together, we’ll come up with the best plan of attack to not just get you working out or to be on a diet, but to establish the best way to have health and fitness become a part of your lifestyle.

That depends…if you have a membership at a gym then you will not need any additional equipment, but I suggest always having a set of dumbbells in case you ever want to get a quick workout at home whenever you feel like it. If you do not have a membership at a gym, then yes, you’ll need some equipment. You’ll need a set of dumbbells and a set of resistance bands. Typically, Walmart has dumbbells at a very reasonable price and you can find a solid set of resistance bands on Amazon for just about $30.

You will be billed through Paypal when you choose the package that fits you best and gets signed up. You’re able to use debit or credit card as well as your PayPal balance for payment. For whichever package you choose, there is only a 1-time fee that is billed at the beginning of the process.